Our staff is made up of qualified technicians who manage to combine speed of production and attention to detail, in order to obtain a low-cost product without sacrificing visual and functional impact. This has allowed us to produce panels that operate in every field:

• Footwear machines
• Machines for cryogenic rubber deburring
• Packaging machines
• Woodworking machines
• Machines for urban waste collection
• Work centers

• Glue lines
• Lines for sheet metal processing
• Automation for yachts
• Distribution panels
• Geological test beds

There are various marking systems for panels, buttons, components, terminals, wires and on-board machines. Our best choice was the range of products offered by Cembre, capable of satisfying many needs while maintaining a good quality/price ratio. By best satisfying the needs of our customers, we create on-board machine systems, testing and, if requested, commissioning in Italy and abroad.


The electrical panels we create comply with CE regulations, upon request we wire and use components compliant with the American UL and Canadian CSA regulations. During the creation of a panel, box, or machine board, our technicians take great care of the aesthetics by labeling the cabler to obtain a tidy and pleasant product to the eye, also allowing it to be modified if necessary without any difficulty while maintaining the pre-established result .

Sectors of expertise

• Food
• Air and water
• Footwear Card
• Chemical and pharmaceutical
• Converting
• Rubber
• Bonding
• Wood

• Metal
• Handling and storage
• Naval
• Packaging
• Plastic
• Waste
• Glass
• Various