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Mafet s.r.l.

Mafet s.r.l. Mafet S.r.l. is synonymous with Automation: founded in February 2002, it immediately made the expansion policy its main peculiarity with the aim of establishing itself on the local and regional territory, while still putting the quality of its products in the foreground and without exceeding costs.

The experience gained by its staff has allowed it to grow both technically and professionally, guaranteeing a solution for any type of system required.

Today we make use of an expanded structure capable of meeting all the needs that the sector requires. An environment designed and created to work best, allows you to range from standard panels to special ones, without any difficulty.


Mafet has a design department that ensures the customer all the necessary assistance right from the early development stages. The projects are developed on a CAD platform (SPAC Automazione), complete in all their parts, topographical, bill of materials, list of symbols, personalized with the Customer's logo, all in compliance with current regulations.

Our technical staff has all the knowledge and equipment necessary to develop the software of the major PLC brands: Siemens, Omron, Rockwell, Moeller, Wago, numerical controls: CNI, Sipro and operator panels from the simple viewer to the touch screen, always remaining open to the development of projects with brands not mentioned or less known.

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